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prefer some one who is realistic and likes to have fun.

as for 'fun' i mean like to get out of the house every now and then and yet at the same time knows when it is good to stay home and hang out.

They also might meet at the locations or drive themselves so the other party isn’t responsible for their transportation.

Both people will split the costs of dinner and any other activities chosen to do on the date.

Many people often like to go Dutch because they are not comfortable with someone else paying for them.

This is common with women who are liberal or independent in their thinking.

per guy that signs up as a free member because they usally get ment to sign up by sucking them in with emails. I regret having paid them and hiring them for a simple task. Next day one replys; "I've been here a couple of month and its seems safe". All replys wanted to continue to "chat" never meet which got we wondering. I clicked a small icon on the bottom below the emails (OC) (Actual size) and found a disclaimer, (Below) which basicly says, this woman is fictious to stimulate conversation with members. Nothing contained in any OC profile is intended to describe or resemble any real person - living or dead.

The profiles of woman are in your local area no matter where you live. They stole my money and did not even deliver the work. I signed up for a free membership to test it out for a week or 2. Any similarity between OC user profile descriptions and any person is purely coincidental.

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