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David’s Freedom U will change your life for the better in so many countless ways.”But of course, you know that love and happiness are not easy, automatic, or natural. until you’ve laid the right foundations and then they become easier and easier.And it’s only relatively recently in world history that we homo sapiens have had the luxury to do so, to live long enough and in enough peace that we can CHOOSE to be And you’ve known this. You’re still reading this because you know something.This deep-rooted notion of love has evolved in us, passed down from one generation to the next for millennia after millennia. But my guess is that since you’re reading this, you’re ready to change all that.Whether you’re single, in a relationship, a seeker of truth and fulfillment, or just looking to attract only those who would be good for you in the long run —there’s one thing that’s certain: , your relationships will inevitably fail — ending either in separation or in quiet desperation — and even psychotherapy will eventually fail, even with a good therapist, because you won’t be able to open up, be vulnerable, or access your true emotions. After over 12 years helping hundreds of thousands of people from over 87 countries improve their dating lives, intimate relationships, and lifestyles, I can honestly say that the You could say it is the culmination of all my hard-won lessons over the decades as a professional coach and as a fellow adventurer on the journey of life.

A dating coach since 2007 and a former professor of philosophy at the National University of Singapore, executive director David Tian also offers 1:1 coaching with rates of up to S,000 (US,000) for a six-month 1:1 coaching program.

Those interested in learning more about Aura Dating Academy's offerings in Singapore can visit their website at their facebook fan page at About Aura Dating (Pte.

Ltd.) Aura Dating Academy is Singapore's biggest and best dating academy.

We can help them make the most of their dating opportunities.” Explains 27-year old Academy member Alan, “Yes, we could pay dating agencies to set us up on lunch dates, but we get almost no guidance from them on how to attract the girl on the date or how to take things to the next level.

That's why we need a dating coach and a dating academy in Singapore.” Currently, Aura Dating Academy's main clientele is male, though it has plans for the near future to expand its curriculum to serve women.

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