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They work to support their family, they are professionals, they have tons of skill and they’re full of wisdom.Truck drivers spend a lot of time alone, especially if they’re an over the road driver.It gets down to common courtesy for all vehicles on the road.Being a defensive driver is a choice which may some day save your life. CAUSE YOU FUCKERS ONLY WANT TO START TO MOVE FASTER OUT OF YOUR MISERABLE HOURLY DEBT FILLED LIFE OR EXTINCT SEX LIFE AND PICK UP YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR TEXTING AND DRIVING OR READING YOUR BOOKS WHILE DRIVING(YES WE TRUCKERS CAN ACTUALLY SEE YOU DUMBASS) WHEN YOU SEE A BIG ASS TRUCK TRYING TO GET THROUGH AND GET SHIT DELIVERED ON TIME AND BACK TO THEIR FAMILIES.I stand 5’4” at 110 lbs and every day I face the dangers and challenges out on the road because of non-educated drivers on sharing the road with a tractor trailer.Some people are naive, some people don't care, and some simply just don't know.Truck mechanics however will still be in demand, so maybe there's your new job, until they all become electric, and then there's less to go wrong so less need for mechanics. Unfortunately educating the driver should start when they learn to drive, not as an afterthought. Sb1 I need some feedback from truckers out there.had a couple men tell me that i would be great at it..i drive now. Mature female in her 50's i love being out on the open road.Eventually nothing will be repaired, just scrapped and replaced, like in many other fields. Ridden with a friend a couple times and got a feel for things.

Most view us as dirty, raunchy, uneducated and overweight.When you look at that 80 foot long 80,000 pound 18 wheeler next to you that takes the size of two football fields to stop, think about the male or female behind the wheel of that truck and the complete disaster and lives you will kill by cutting two feet in front of that truck and then hitting your brakes.People forget, there’s a PERSON driving that truck delivering what YOU NEED to survive. We deal with so much stupidity and lack of respect on the road daily it’s hideous. Two years ago I made my dream of driving an 18 wheeler a reality.I can remember as early as the age of 5 that one day I will be sitting behind that wheel rolling down the highway. I’ve worked as a sales associate in a supermarket, I was a mechanic, car saleswoman, interior decorator, cashier, chef’s assistant, bartender, swimsuit model and receptionist at a law firm.

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