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On Monday, Dina's 32-year-old daughter, Lindsay, acknowledged her mom's romantic drama by commenting on a post on the CBS show's official Instagram account.“@dinalohan so proud of you mommy!

houseguests are certain Dina Lohan was reeled in by a catfish. During last night’s episode, Dina shared with fellow HGs that she is in love with the man she’s never met or even Face Timed.

It sounds like Dina Lohan is in a very nontraditional relationship. ” Dina went on to explain that he doesn’t have Face Time, and that he lives in San Francisco where he takes care of his mom.

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“Dina needs somebody in her life she can trust and quite honestly, after my communication with him and knowing her, they are perfect for each other.

Jesse Nadler claims to be her online love interest and insists he’s no catfish.

Tamar Braxton (and the others) warned her she’s being catfished, but Dina Lohan assured them they are in love and are going to get married.

Finally, there might be someone to fill in my shoes! "I feel like I know him."Sharing that he’s in another state and that they had not met, Dina then declared, “It's crazy, but I'm going to marry him.”Fellow housemate Tamar Braxton later belted out “Catfiiiiiish,” after Dina explained that her beau couldn’t fly out to visit her because he was taking care of his mom.

”Dina's boyfriend drama first erupted when she told housemate Kandi Burruss about her relationship during an episode of "I can't wait to tell you about this guy. Catfish is a term commonly used to describe people assuming fake identities online, particularly for romantic relationships.

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