Who is caleb landry jones dating

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“I got to be a part of I think seven or eight different jobs last year and I can’t believe I got to be a part of any of them,” he says in his Texas drawl.“Everything I got to be a part of I felt like I got to bite and chew the hell out of, which can’t be said about every job all the time.“I didn’t know the difference between TV and a movie because we didn’t have television.” That screen promised him a sense of belonging and “as much fun and as much love as it seemed like there was within that little box.You go, I went to Los Angeles after hearing a Bob Dylan interview and being encouraged by some of his words.I cared about what people thought and I felt, ” This newfound lack of concern about what others think is part of what makes Jones such a fascinating actor to watch.Unlike those who have a prescribed method—or Method—dictating how to prepare for a role, he approaches each project anew.

He played the supporting roles in The Last Exorcism, X-Men: First Class. “It really was cool to get to be a part of that, but I also felt foolish that it was out there and other people could see it too,” he laughs.“I guess it taught me not to care too much, but at that point, I was thinking about it differently.“I started to find myself trying to mimic him, but then it just felt silly, like putting on a fake mask that you made yourself so it looks terrible.It doesn’t look anything like the real person, but maybe the essence is there, hopefully.” Years later, Jones remains an anomaly in Young Hollywood, making his way through the city with no car and, even more shockingly, no social media presence.

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