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Sure, he’d been involved with someone else too, but that was after he had become convinced she was cheating, he said.Sodium pentathol could prove which one of them had cheated first, if only she would take him up on his challenge, he’d said.And he didn’t always pay the ,000 monthly child support he owed for his son. The next year, Reynolds declared bankruptcy before paying Anderson the full amount she was owed.Lawyers would continue working on the case for years, decades even.

The two were also a romantic couple, dating until 1982.It was, People magazine reported, all about the “couple’s love and respect for each other.”Unfortunately, it was not a sign of things to come.It was a marriage that began in April 1988 and ended when he served her divorce papers five years later — then took 22 years for the by-then-resentful couple to sever financial ties completely.He painted her as an underemployed actress with lousy self-esteem.He accused her of being a bad mom to their son Quinton too.

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