Who is ayumi hamasaki dating

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However, unaware that Velfarre was owned by the music giant avex trax, Ayumi was introduced to Max Matsuura by a friend who worked there.Ayumi had no clue what avex trax was and when Matsuura claimed he was a producer, she was suspicious and sceptic.She is the ultimate icon of fashion and music in Japan, is known as the “Empress of J-Pop” and is considered the Asian equivalent of Madonna.Consequently she is one of the most popular and influential artists ever to appear in Asia.She took the entrance exams to Horikishi Gakuen, an entertainment school along with her friends and she ended up to be the only one to fail. However she ended up quitting this school, after a short period, along with her modelling career.She would mention how she disliked the attitude of the other female models, which was so selfish and devious to gain more influence in their career.She initiated her acting career, in 1993 with Sun Music.She took up the acting name “Kurumi Hamasaki” and had a few minor roles in some second-rate movies and dramas.

Both were titled “Nothing from Nothing“, where she would claim she was the first Japanese female rapper.Hamasaki started modelling merely at the age of seven for a bank, to help to earn money for her family.During high school she started dyeing her hair and wearing short skirts, which gave her the reputation of being a delinquent.After her failure to establish herself anywhere, Ayumi simply wasted away her days in the boutiques in Shibuya and her nights in the Velfarre nightclub in Roppongi.It seemed that her fate was set to become just another school drop-out who tried to become popular and failed.

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