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I’ve had great opportunities, worked hard for them, and done the most I could do with them.But I also made the conscious decision to not market myself in a sexual way, and it cost me.boobs, ass.’ ” Jo, who played Paulina in , said, “I don’t care how talented you are, it’s your ‘look.’ ” Kai says: “What is ‘the look’? When they first told me about the nipple thing, I tried to understand but it was clear that it was not the “burn the bra” mentality with which I was raised.These young women must be comfortable without a bra and with visible nipples under a thin shirt as part of a perfect breast — big enough to be sexual, but not so big that it’s “slutty.” Meanwhile, a director recently told Kai: “I don’t see the innocence.” “I’m so close to giving up on everything,” she said.

There has been some movement, I suppose, but not much.

The scene in which the kids reveal their reasons for being sent to detention was completely unscripted. A lot of his scenes have improvised lines added to John’s dialogue.

Sheedy remembers cracking up during several improvisations: It was so funny making it that some of my character’s hiding came about because I kept breaking up during scenes.

I asked four sixteen-year-old actors with real acting chops and courage what they’d experienced trying to make the leap to professional work: Kai, Michelle, Layla, and Jo.

Kai, who played Lady Macbeth, told me she was thirteen when she first got a call from an agent, and they told her father to leave the room: “Then they asked me how tall I was and for my weight and that I should put my weight on my résumé,” she said. They told me to turn around and then told me ‘Work on your sex appeal.’ ” At fifteen, she was asked if she would feel comfortable “humping a table” in the audition room and her mother was asked if she would be “comfortable” with Kai working in only a bra and panties.

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