Who is adrian grenier dating

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However, the equipped studio eventually evolved, becoming a breeding ground for fresh talent.Over fifty artists made use for twenty spaces from the basement in Brooklyn.It also featured interviews with celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Alec Baldwin, and Whoopi Goldberg.Grenier worked on the documentary for three years as a producer as well.Adrian Grenier (born July 10, 1976) is an American actor. His father was from Ohio, and has English, German, Scottish and Irish ancestry.He is best known for playing Vincent Chase in the TV series Entourage (2004–2011). In 1997, Grenier left Bard to embark on a film career.In 2010, Grenier began working as a producer alongside producer Bert Marcus and director Matthew Cooke on the full-length feature documentary, How to Make Money Selling Drugs.

It premiered at the 2013 Los Angeles Film Festival where it received good reviews.As a vehicle for Grenier to transition between acting, directing and producing, with some partners, he started Reckless Productions in 2001.The company focused on producing socially minded films.In 2014, Grenier and Glatzer partnered with Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture to create SHFT Mobile Kitchen Classroom – a teaching kitchen on wheels for high-school students in New York City.Through lessons on cooking, science, technology, and sustainability, it is designed to help teenagers understand how the food choices they make relate to broader issues of personal and environmental health.

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