When does online dating become exclusive

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This is his way of making sure the two of you are compatible in this sense.And that means he’s probably ready to be exclusive.[Read: The etiquette of PDA you have to follow] #4 He openly discusses his feelings for you.A guy who wants to be in a relationship with you is a guy who’ll tell you how he feels.He might even ask your advice on difficult things he’s dealing with. It’s one of the better signs he wants to be exclusive so pay attention.

Pay attention the next time he’s being lovey-dovey in public.A guy who opens up about wanting to settle down or have a serious relationship is trying to tell you something.Perhaps he might not be ready that very moment, but he’s getting close.Does he invite you to family weddings a couple months down the road?When a guy is making plans with you in the future, he wants you to actually be there in the future. #8 He talks about wanting to get serious with someone.

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