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Gosselaar admits to dating each of his female co-stars at different times, calling the ever changing couplings and alliances "incestuous."He describes the interactions as "very high school" with people getting mad at each other for supposed slights, and changing who they were friends with from week to week.Gosselaar continues: Sometimes the girls would gang up on the guys.

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He once had a relationship with Voorhies' aunt, Alejandra Oaziaza. Let's keep doing whatever it was we were doing between scene four and scene five!

Her mother was responsible for pushing her towards a career in the entertainment industry and took her to a talent agent.

She adopted Voorhies as a stage name, but didn’t do well during her first auditions.

She remained as the same character through this new version, and the show was highly successful, with many considering it one of the best school shows of all time.

Since then, Voorhies has appeared in other television projects, in “Days of Our Lives” as the single mom Wendy Reardon, and then as an intern fashion designer in “The Bold and the Beautiful” in 1995, staying in the role for a year before leaving over a dispute with her contract.

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