Vh1 reality dating shows list

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So we designed “How to Pitch a Reality Show” to be the web’s best, totally honest, and insanely helpful free resource about pitching factual entertainment.

We’re a married team, pitching, selling, and making unscripted entertainment for a living.Some people enjoy Fincher flicks, some like The Farrelly Brothers. But reality TV is a young form of entertainment, and people are still wrapping their heads around it. “Unscripted television” and “factual programming” have been a staple of cable TV for a lot longer.Go to the movies and you can catch a comedy, a drama, a VFX laden blockbuster. Still, when it comes to teaching us its vocabulary, reality TV can’t compete with decades of film. I got the chance to chat with a veteran reality TV producer who’s worked on shows for Lifetime, Oxygen, VH1, and MTV, among other networks. Even if you’ve never seen a reality show (and, let’s be real — you have), you probably have an opinion on them. Here’s the twist: The people behind the scenes feel just the same way.

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