Vba prevent screen updating Free access to granny cams

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Although you can save a lot of time by turning screen updates off, you can also find performance gains by writing your code in such a way that Excel needs to update the screen as little as possible.

The easiest way to achieve this to avoid selecting or activating objects such as worksheets and ranges as much as possible.

Alternatively, if you're feeling ambitious, you might consider using some Windows API functions to create incredibly accurate timers.The url is Ed : Resize Form Controls You can use the Inside Height and Inside Width properties of an Access form to dynamically resize controls at run-time.A form's Resize event as well as firing when a user resizes a form, also fires when a form is loaded.To achieve this we need to add a single line of code to the subroutine, just below the variable declarations.It's probably also worth changing the colour that we're using so that we can see when things have changed. This time you won't be able to see the macro carrying out its tasks; once the subroutine has finished the screen will update once at the end to show you the final result.

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