Updating websites for dummies

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They should, and popular or reputable ones almost certainly will be, but we can’t guarantee it.

There are a couple of steps you should take to mitigate any risk before proceeding: Run through these steps, and you’ll be ready to update the PHP version on your Word Press site – and enjoy all of the benefits that come with this!

We’ve asked hosting companies to submit instructions on how to update your PHP version on their hosting, and you’ll find a list of hosts who have instructions available here.In the unlikely event something goes wrong and you need to restore your backup, contact your host and ask them to restore the previous version of PHP you had running. You should now have all the information you need to update! With an up-to-date version of PHP you’ll enjoy a faster, more secure website and happier visitors.Top ↑ Making sure you have the latest version of PHP ensures your website is as fast, and secure as possible.These benefits are good for you, and good for your website’s visitors. As with most things technical, we just need to cover some background before we can get to the part where you update your PHP version. Top ↑ This section starts off with some warnings, but don’t be afraid!

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