Updating vault aperture

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Chell's eyes followed the voice and rose to look at the small ante-room beyond the open panel, expecting to see only empty air. He looked as he had before he had died: his pale, paper-thin skin was drawn over his wasting muscles, and his grey hair had receded to within an inch of its life. n...' She felt a sound escape her throat; a painful attempt at forming words. He smiled and gave her shoulders an encouraging squeeze. Chell bared her teeth, breathing out her statement one last time. He only wanted to hear some news about Chell, and to remember what it was that Doug had told him all those years ago. Then again, Wheatley was no stranger to disappointment, but that didn't mean that he had to like it, nor that he had to get used to it.

There was no way, in all of scientific creation, that her father could be stood there now. If Prometheus wasn't scared of him, then clearly the A. I simply filled the chamber with an hallucinogenic gas. Like the time you swore to make The Traitor pay for his crimes? I seem to remember that you failed to protect The Daughter Of Aperture then, too. But he didn't care for their glances: he wanted answers, and he wanted them now. ''Butt out of it, kid.''There's something you're not telling me, something important.

She had been walking for so long now that she had forgotten to count just how many days and nights had passed her by.

She remembered counting sixteen days and fifteen nights, but that was when night and day began to blur into one long and endless point in time.

Alone with her thoughts, Chell turned her attention to the room that she was currently locked inside.

She had completely ignored it before, but now she could see that it was simply a plain, square room, with the usual two locked doors. There's no way somebody could follow me like he's being doing! What have you given me to make me feel this insane!? 'With the last ounce of her throat's strength, Chell repeated her statement with a tone of finality.

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