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Of all the annoyances in the world, carrier updates are right up there, along with the uncle who likes to pontificate about politics after a wee too much egg nog.Who wouldn’t want to be rid of the useless bloatware and pre-installed software that hogs a good amount of storage space and makes your device as slow as a snail?The phone you got from your carrier is a locked phone.It includes a SIM card that works only in the cellular carrier’s network, and it used to come with a contract that you agreed to, if reluctantly. ) Said phone would become unlocked once the contract period was over, and the carrier had recouped the money it spent subsidizing your new smartphone.You can switch to a new device easily without having to get a new phone number and new plan. Always check network compatibility first, since not all unlocked phones work with every network.Sure, an i Phone might work on just about every carrier out there, but that’s not the case with all phones.They add up fast, and the way to get around them is by getting a SIM card from the carrier in the locale you’re visiting.

Let’s just say that you would be very smart to never buy a locked phone again for the rest of your life. It’s the freedom to flee your carrier whenever you choose for a better one, to upgrade without waiting until your contract period is over, or to sell your phone for fast cash.

The thing about locked, carrier-based phones is that they are programmed to work with one and only one network.

This, of course, can be a major headache for people who travel a lot.

When you cut out the carrier and go for an unlocked phone, your options multiply!

Now you can choose from almost all the smartphones that are out there.

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