Updating the default player for audio file types

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It’s understandable that Windows could hit problems when a third-party company pushes improper driver updates or unsupported GPUs encounter unexpected difficulties.

Problems with audio playback due to improperly configured drivers are a headache, but they aren’t Microsoft’s But how on Earth did Microsoft manage to break video seeking in WMP or, more troublingly, default file association protocols?

It’s not clear how widespread either issue is, but again, it’s not clear why this is happening or what low-level code Microsoft even touched to make such basic functionality fail.

Setting a default application to handle a particular file type is not a new feature; it’s been part of core Windows behavior for decades.

We recognize and acknowledge that in many cases, these bugs impact only small numbers of people.

AMD has dropped support for both of these devices already.

Microsoft is blocking updates for these users as well and exploring how to work around the issue.

Q8: What specific features of MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile does Xbox 360 support?

A8: Xbox 360 supports Bidirectional Frames (BVOPs), Interlaced Frames, Quarter Pixel Motion Compensation, Global Motion Compensation, and MPEG Quantization.

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