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“Organic shapes and materials strikes the perfect balance with the cityscape,” she says.

This is a really important step if you’re looking for smooth walls. Coat the countertop in concrete and seal that puppy up. …Add a large framed mirror to bounce some light around. Install two pendant lights above the bar for additional light and style. (That’s a whip sound) (which made sense in my head) (but now, not so much) (thanks for sticking with me) (loveyou) So, anyways, I’ve already changed out the faucet handles, reattached the cabinet doors, and accessorized the area as a Phase One step to tide us over until the other improvements are complete. I just didn’t want to overload y’all in one post, so I’m spreading the love.

This compact example, tucked into spare shelves beneath a staircase, is a perfect example.

Says designer Leanne Ford: “You do not need to have an actual ‘bar’ in your place, just get creative with your space.

“It’s prepped and ready to hold all of the fixings for adult beverages, but instead of wine storage we incorporated a chilled fridge space for water bottles, children’s drinks and beverages,” says the design team.

“With glass storage above, the homeowners can also display their glassware and china.”Just because space is tight doesn’t mean you have to forgo the convenience of a bar area.

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