Updating firmware for dvd players

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WARNING : Do not turn the PC off until the upgrade has completed. It makes things work better and may even have new features added. Think of it as a driver update for computer hardware, or a new updated version of your favorite software program for Windows.With HD DVD players the latest updates often include playback fixes, improved functionality and new features for some of the latest HD DVD titles that include improved web-enabled extras, such as those found on Transformers, Blood Diamond or Evan Almighty, for example.Turn on the television and select the appropriate video input on the television to view the player. Video 1, Video 2, HDMI etc) 2) Turn the player on by pressing the On / Standby button on the unit or with the remote control.

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DO NOT UNPLUG or POWER DOWN the Player during the update process or it may result in damage to the HD DVD Player.

The upgrades available from this page are only suitable for use with the Diamond Data DVD Rewriteable drive models listed.

They will not work with other drive models or drives manufactured by other companies.

The disc tray will automatically open upon completion of the firmware update. Re-initialize your player after the firmware update has completed (go back in the maintenance menu to do this).

The unit will shut off with the tray in the open position. 13) Turn the player on by pressing the On / Standby button on the front of the unit. Settings will then be reset back to default so you may need to change a few things back to where you had them before. Kudos to Midnight for taking the time to compile the best and most accurate instructions for how to update players for all the new HD DVD owners out there. Kudos to Cass for answering my request to make this a sticky to help all the new owners who come here.

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