Updating firefox on eee pc

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Here you'll get everything you need, to install it on your Eee PC.

"slart-prepare.sh" is a small script that downloads and installs the packages that slart depends on and that are not installed on the Eee PC.

For a standard user, Chrome would be just perfect, being the fastest and most reliable.

For a power-user migrating from a laptop/desktop, Firefox is still probably the best solution as it has all those customization options.

These were caused by other software that ran in the background.

The good part is that they are all free and can be easily downloaded and installed.

If you replace the 512MB RAM module with a 2GB one, the Linux supplied by Asus will only use 1GB of it. Please read this documentation at least once in full, before starting any actions. I will take no responsibility if these will short instructions will wreck your Eee PC. This is another kernel I compiled and a slightly modified initramfs instead of the unionfs, aufs (another union fs) is used.

It fixed a problem for me that I wasn't able to mount filesystem-images via loopback. F9 and a reset to factory settings is strongly recommended for using this kernel and initramfs.

I for one have been using Firefox in the first months on my netbook, but as soon as Chrome introduced extensions, i switched towards it and I’ve been using it ever since.

It’s just the best for the low-powered netbook and while not really loading sites faster than Firefox (i fail to see any actual difference between them at this), it certainly starts faster and consumes less resources than Firefox.

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