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Writeline ("Interest: ", Int) T = P (1P*N*R/100) Console. Write ("Enter the second digit :") Dim b as Double = CDbl (Console. Writeline() On Error Go To handler If s = 1 Then Console.

Writeline("Total Amount: ", T) End sub End module 2.4 Write a program which accepts number from user and calculate factorial value by user defined function. Writeline ("Enter the first digit: ") Dim a As Double = CDbl (Console. Writeline ("The addition is: " & (a b)) Else If s = 2 Then Console.

This functionality is possible with the interface extends channel I/O with the notion of a current position.

Methods enable you to set or query the position, and you can then read the data from, or write the data to, that location.

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Writeline ("Enter the Principle") P = console.readline() Console.Writeline(c) End Sub Sub decr (By Ref c As Integer) c = c - 1 End Sub Sub main() incr(j) Console. Writeline (j) End Sub End Module 2.6 Write a program which checks the number is prime or not. Writeline ("The power of” & a & " ^ " & b & " is: " & (a ^ b)) Else Console. Imports System Module m Sub main() Dim I, N as Integer Console. Writeline ("invalid choice...") End If End Sub End Module 2.9 Write a program to sort an array which accepts number from user and store it into dynamic array.Writeline ("enter the number") n= console.readline() For I = 2 to N - 1 If N Mod I = 0 Then Console.  Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim array As Integer()= new integer() System. Sort(Of Integer)(array) Dim value As Integer For Each value In array Console. Writeline ("THE NUMBER IS NOT A PRIME NUMBER") End If Next I Console. Write Line(value) Next End Sub End Module 2.10 Write a program which reads expression in postfix and evaluate the expression using stack collection.

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