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Plug in the USB drive in any port and you should see the following then After this it rather annoyingly vanishes and your left wondering whats gone wrong.Select the red square then you should see an option for search or countries.Especially given windows 10 wont give you the option to format the drive using FAT32 in most cases.

To do this download the my citroen app from the google play store and link it to your car.

Hi All, I see lots of people having issues updating their maps and having had this fight myself yesterday I thought I would post what I did in here.

It's not an easy process nor is it very straightforward but I hope this helps.

If you right click the drive again and select format you may have the option for FAT32 available.

If the drive is over 32GB windows will always try and use ex FAT so you need to use the little tool here note that if you do format it with this you then can't copy files over 4gb in one go.

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