Toya dating buffalo bills player

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Sources say that it appears Hardy had been in the water for several days.

As the details surrounding his death continue to unfold, several fans have taken to social media to express their regret over Hardy’s untimely passing.

According to, however, the outcome of the court case was never made available to the public.

Hardy previously made headlines in 2009 for getting into a domestic scuffle with his ex-girlfriend Toya Wright. While little has been revealed to the public, we do now that Hardy’s family reported him missing on May 30th.

“I’ve tried extremely hard to get my body right the past two years to get back to the NFL,” he admitted to After stepping away from the Tampa Bay Storm in 2013, Hardy decided to leave professional sports behind and pursue a career in Hollywood. “I want to be a chameleon,” he says when asked about what kind of roles he would like to take, “I want to be able to do them all — action, comedy, romantic lead.He even went on the record recently and confessed his true feelings for her, telling US Magazine that “Khloe is smart and beautiful and that is very ...So yesterday we mentioned that Lamar Odom and Khloe hungout on Wednesday night. First it was Carrie Underwood, then it was Jessica Simpson, and now Celeb TV is claiming he’s dating Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford‘s sister and former Miss Missouri, Candice ...But how come when we were watching our show Tiny & Toya last night, some dude from the Bills was on there trying to spit game at Lil’ Wayne’s baby momma Toya? Now we have never heard of this guy James Hardy, but apparently him and Toya have been dating for a minute now.And other than being known for trying to wife Lil’ Wayne’s ex, you might know him as the guy T. punked for # 81 once he got signed by the Bills because he didn’t do sh*t last season.

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