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the program won't launch until it knows a keychain viewer is online.They say they are working on an upgrade to Snow Leopard, but .... Es la manera con la que estamos definiendo el trabajo que estamos realizando en Llamamos a todas las puertas que encontramos, mostramos nuestra idea y a nuestros clientes le mostramos de lo que somos capaces. Estamos luchando día a día por hacer que sus páginas sean visitadas el mayor número de veces posible, y a su vez, estamos haciendo que la gente que entra a nuestra página tenga ganas de volver a entrar, esto implica que visite a otros clientes.When transfering pictures to the keychain viewer, only transfer, not more than, 6 at a time with the Synchronize button.

But for you PC usees you have to read page 7 very careful, go to update mode on the Keychain you access the usb and then go to" UPDATE",now press the menu/power button and it will say" UPDATING".i held it for longer than 3 seconds probably like 2 mins?its fully charged, pictures are on it, software works..keychain will not turn on when its unplugged.Could someone help me as I have been trying since 12/27/2007 to get tech support on the phone and still can't get through.For problems turning on the viewer, when unplugged from the computer, hold the menu button for three seconds or more, it will turn on.

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