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The status bar says connected and getting mail but no mail arrives or mail arrives and is marked as read.

AVG topic support here AVG can not scan SSL connections and requires you to include it's certificates into the Thunderbird certificate store.

This only seems to affect scanners that ignore file extensions and scan all files.

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To solve this issue, reconfigure E-mail scanning to listen to the standard unencrypted port (110) or to any unused port Fprot support article here.

Antivirus and Thunderbird have a complex relationship which can be broken by updates or version changes (of either software) - yes even if Thunderbird is the only software affected, and even if your AV version did not change.

You must explicitly test by disable/enable of AV to determine the impact on Thunderbird.

So, you need to disable the client to save the file on the server but only locally: Account Settings Select 'Copies and Folders' under your account.

Antivirus software can also cause odd behavior (bad, incorrect or unusual), and crashes (random or consistent, infrequent or frequent). (create a wiki account, and select edit to change the wiki) Warning: Your antivirus software probably worked great for ages, across many previous versions of Thunderbird.

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