Theonomy and the dating of revelation

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This is the view of Bossuet, Grotius, Hammond, Wetstein, Eichhorn, Ewald, De Wette, Lucke, and others, among whom is the American expostitor, Moses Stuart.” – Spurgeon The Antichrist is often taken as Nero, Titus, Caligula, or others.This view can be further divided into Premillennial (Gordon Clark), Amillennial (Jay Adams) and Postmilllennial (American Reconstructionism, Greg Bahnsen, Kenneth Gentry, American Vision, etc.).Durham (1622-58) was a Scottish covenanter and writes in the historicist school of interpretation, which was the nearly universal view of the Scottish covenanters, along with the Reformation and puritan era.– ‘After all that has been written, it would not be easy to find a more sensible and instructive work than this old-fashioned exposition.We cannot accept its interpretations of the mysteries, but the mystery of the gospel fills it with sweet savor.’ – Spurgeon This is different and much larger than Poole’s Annotations on Scripture.It thoroughly uses scripture to interpret itself, is balanced, is hermenuetically on target, has an easy to discern outline, is brief, is easily consulted, answers all the major questions, and generally gets one in the right ballpark.While this commentary is excellent and highly recommended, do be aware that Steele was the fountain-head of the ‘Steelites’ who have extreme and dangerous views of ecclesiology and covenanting.Here Poole gives something of a history of interpretation (from Jewish writers until Christian interpreters of Poole’s own day) on every verse of the Bible.‘…you will find in Poole’s Synopsis a marvelous collection of all the wisdom and folly of the critics.

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Barber On the Old Testament portion of the larger work: “De Graaf studies the Old Testament with an eye on the covenant and the kingdom of God.The prophecies of the Revelation generally do not have historic referents, often cover the whole time-span between the first and second comings of Christ, and are to be understood symbolically and spiritually. Silversides is a Reformed Presbyterian of Ireland minister.This is perhaps the best medium-size historicist commentary on the book of Revelation.The last volume includes a critique of all of the other main interpretations of Revelation.He was a historicist premillennial (as was Charles Spurgeon who has commended it). This is a handy way of quickly seeing how Elliott interprets the book without digging through his 4 volumes.“Volume I is devoted entirely to chapters 1-5, and provides an extensive study of the seven letters to the churches of Asia.

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