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I don't mean kid like a child, but you're still young, young enough that these men should not feel comfortable talking to you in a sexual manner.I know you've said in other comments that it couldn't be wrong because your dad is OK with it, but I sincerely doubt he'd still be OK with it if he know these guys were closer to his age than yours.This in turn has led to me fantasizing almost exclusively about older guys even when I'm not chatting. My dad caught me a few months ago, and he grounded me for sending nude pictures of myself and also for sending pictures that were also on fb.He told me it was okay for me to "sext" with people online, but that sending nudes could get me in trouble and that if I send pictures on my FB it can be linked back to me.It's a similar release, albeit less interactive, but in the clear morally and legally.I personally think that an age difference that drastic is a recipe for an extremely imbalanced relationship.Most people were very respectful and I only had two creepy pm's so I will count this a win.

I don't know what it is, but it just really gets me off that these guys are into me.I'm a virgin, and this is my only real sexual interest/outlet.I'm really shy in real life, but feel like I can just let go and be slutty and dirty online since these guys don't know me.I know it sucks because they're a great sexual outlet for you, and I would never want to discourage you from exploring your sexuality, but I think it's best for you to lay off the rping with men that much older than you (or anyone over 18 just to be on the safe side.)Once you're 18, go crazy, by all means.In the meantime fill the next three years with erotica.

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