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I got a notification on my i Phone to update a few Apps.

When I went to the App Store to do so, there was an error and the download stopped abruptly. " Updating Apps is always advisable, but what if you are among the i Phone users who have faced the similar problem that i Phone Apps will not update?

Visberry - please don’t respond - I’ve researched and read all the Apple support articles - that’s the first place any competent person would look. Turning off background app refresh makes no difference whatsoever. Option-click the Restore button in i Tunes and a standard file-selection dialog comes up allowing you to find your previously downloaded file.

ALTERNATIVES: This is obviously better than either (a) downgrading to i OS 10 or (b) making sure your phone (as it is now on i OS11) is backed up to i Cloud, erasing it, and restoring from that backup. I've tested this methodically against my 10.3.3 handset and there is a noticable 'sluggishness' in activating simple things like text messages, replying to texts, opening email, writing an email etc, etc.

Never again, you have lost me as a customer for good.

You have become too greedy Apple and have let your customers down.

Third party apps slow and non responsive Settings slow to toggle buttons on and off, especially switching mobile data on and off. I cannot downgrade as Apple Watch won’t work with less than IOS 11 if it has also been upgraded to Watch OS4!

So in a nutshell, completely shafted, a phone I can’t use and so angry that I nearly threw this £700 phone in the bin.

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