Sims 3 dating mixologist deadspin online dating spreadsheet

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Bubblegum's first Mixology opportunity, Easy Theater Job, came after a couple of days.

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This skill will also allow you to make money by moonlighting as a mixologist in bars.Bubblegum was generation 7 and had a couple of great traits for this LTW, so I brought her out of retirement for this walkthrough.There aren't any particular traits that fire the Master Mixologist LTW, but there are some that will make it a bit easier.At the beginning of the Mixologist skill, Bubblegum could only make Regular drinks. Bubblegum was also able to moonlight at Eugi's at level 3. She made only this first time because she cut it short when Tom Wordy came in and she really wanted to meet this 4 star celebrity.She tried for the longest time to impress him, but he got annoyed and wanted her to leave him alone.

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