Sick of dating games

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There are women who will bail, ghost, use, cheat, manipulate, lie; people tend to suck in general but obviously it’s not everyone. Pretend like there are tv cameras waiting with bated breath for your emotional honesty.I’m aware that there are men in the great wide somewhere who don’t act like idiots. Share like there’s a million dollar commercial deal waiting at the end of the season. When you say you want to take me on a date, I know you’re taking it seriously and that I’m not going out with some 19-year-old kid. The idea that you feel like you need to tell me you something you don’t believe, just so you can get in my pants, is ridiculous. I would rather know up front what you’re interested in. It’s okay if you want to talk to me or want to see me again. “Oh my god, that woman was amazing and I definitely want to see her again but instead of just making it happen I’m going to make her sit around and wonder if I like her or not.” Following through shouldn’t be a rarity. I can call my mom and have her tell me I’m pretty if I really need to hear it. I don’t need to hear some long rambling speech about how incredible you think I am when, in reality, you’re just trying to bust a nut. (If you don’t like me back: see above.) It’s okay if we talk.He’s still weird about being anything other than bro­-y about it. Can someone please explain what is so scary or shameful about having feelings and being willing to express them?The last time I saw him we went on this sweet date and the next day he was so uncomfortable with me. I don’t need to have 45 minute daily discussion about the fuzzywuzzies, but I shouldn’t be afraid to terrify you if I have an emotion other than horniness. There is nothing delicious about hoping that you give a shit or having to play it cool because I give a shit. Yes, dates – not “hang outs.” That distinction is important because a hang out could mean that we’re going to go walk around a mall like we did at 14 when our moms were our only means of transportation. I was seeing this guy for a while a couple years back and we did the whole “playing it cool” and “casual sex” thing off and on for almost a year. There is no appeal to the nail biting wait for a text message (since we all know a phone call is off the table) after you sleep with me. (Which wasn’t appealing even when I was 19.) I want you to ask me out a few days before and plan something. I don’t need flowers but, goddamnit, some sign that you care would be nice. If we go out and you don’t want to see me again (brace yourself cuz this is hard to understand): don’t tell me that you do. I’m not going to tell you some fairytale story about how wonderful you are if I don’t think it. Don’t wait until it’s too late to decide you want me.

Therefore, avoid to torture yourself and wait all week to see the other. I have a friend who told me that after months of flirting with an amazing girl they finally went out for the first time.

I don't want to write an essay about myself stating in 500 words or less why you should be dating me.

I want someone who understands that yeah i do have to work at nights and no my days off are never usually grouped together so when i have a day off i would like to be in your company.

I can say with out any hint of conceitedness that I'm fairly attractive i go to the gym.

Come on i guess i just meet the ones that don't know what they want or who they want.

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