Shia imami ismaili dating

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Its status as such, with some interruption, dates back to 1640.

July, 22, 2008 Najran is the seat of the religious leader of the Sulaimani Ismailis, al-Da’i al-Mutlaq (Absolute Guide).

Each entry is designed to highlight the utility of mediation approaches in dealing with violent political conflicts.

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Sabrin Kassam is a Production Assistant at the International Institute for Strategic Studies and an Intern Analyst at the geostrategic consultancy, Wikistrat.

Qur’anic Basis for Peace: Dialogue, Empathy and Spirituality Alternative Dispute Resolution has been a longstanding practice within the Ismaili community, rooted in both Qur’anic interpretations of the faith as well as the rich history of the community worldwide.

Mohammed Keshavjee notes the origins of the and describes how the concept of dialogue was favoured by the Holy Prophet Muhammad and Imam Ali, the first Shia Imam.

The practices of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims can offer insight into and help us to reframe our understanding of the relationship between religion and conflict.

In doing so, they also pose an important question: do religious communities really see the world through contrasting lenses, or do preventing us from appreciating the common realities and beliefs that bind everyone together as a global population?

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