Sexi pheran

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“I fail to understand why pherans should be banned!” tweeted National Conference leader and former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah.He probably owes an apology to Kashmiris, but never mind we are a tolerant people.A s.e.x racket, whose investigations were revealed to the press, has shook the valley for the past one week.They have threatened the s.e.x ring operators of dire consequences if they do not mend their ways. It appears that these organisations are simply cashing on the popular sentiment and trying to look like good guys.These militant groups would have known about the presence of the s.e.x rings earlier as well, why didn’t they act then? They seem to be least bothered about the presence of such brothels, if they were, they would have taken some action as and when such s.e.x-rings came into their notice.

But, they will forget to ask men to lower their gaze when they see a women (this is ordained for men) but De M seems interested only in the women’s dress code. These protests have revealed an aspect of Kashmiri people: that they can come out on the streets and demand their rights when they feel walked upon. Yasin Malik usually claims that Kashmiri people are being treated like sheep, it appears that’s because he, as a leader, is incapable of leading. It might be deeper conspiracy to humiliate us as a nation.” True words. The Dogras supported and encouraged it officially as it brought them the much needed money in the form of tax. They were unable to form a mechanism for taxing breathing otherwise they would have done so as well.Karan Singh, is the descendant of the Dogra kings of Kashmir, and was the Sadr-e-Riyasat as well.They claim that the cable TV is the ‘reason’ for all the ills of the Kashmiri society.If cable TV really is a tool the government is using to spread ills, the government could air for free all cable channels! They have ways, money and methods to achieve their desires.

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