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“She (Diane Zamora) was the motivator, but I went through with it and that’s all that really matters,” Graham told The Dallas Morning News.“I wish I had’ve pled guilty from day one,” he said.HUNTSVILLE, Texas—David Graham, the former Air Force Academy cadet serving a life sentence for the 1995 slaying of a high school teammate amid a teenage love triangle, said in a recent prison interview that he is remorseful. Prosecutors said Zamora, who was then Graham’s high school girlfriend, wanted Jones dead out of jealousy because she thought Graham had sex with the Mansfield High School sophomore.

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“I’m not going to tell people who love Adrianne that we don’t deserve life in prison,” Graham said.

Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney Mike Parrish said jurors in both cases returned the correct verdicts.

Graham, 30, now says he killed the girl and had convinced himself that he could atone for it later. She declined to be interviewed for the newspaper report. I start with the simple fact of killing Adrianne and everything that surrounded that,” said Graham, who admits he shot the teen and left her to die in a Grand Prairie field. According to court testimony, Zamora started telling other midshipmen that her boyfriend had killed a girl in Texas to prove his love for her.

“I don’t see the two of us being any different in our culpability. Finally, someone told, and academy officials notified Grand Prairie authorities.

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