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"Men in relationships have a different code of behavior than women do," explains clinical psychologist Robert H. The real trick to relationship bliss is understanding how the boyfriend brain really works so you don't spaz every time he baffles you.

Phillips, Ph D, author of Love Tactics: How to Win the One You Want. To help, Cosmo uncovered the reasons guys do the crazy things they do so you can stop scratching your head.

With more festivals to choose from than a single person could ever attend, what’s a foodie who loves music to do?

"And they're not conscious of these innate traits, so it's not like they could tell you what makes them tick even if they wanted to." But forget trying to change your guy. The more serious a relationship gets, the less a man will reassure you. "During courtship, a man will pull out all the stops to win you over," explains Scott Haltzman, MD, clinical professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown University.

When you and your sweetie were in the early stages of romance, he might have randomly shown up at your door with flowers or called to check in while he was out with the boys. "At the same time, he'll gauge your reactions to these overtures for affirmation that the feelings are mutual." Once he's certain you're smitten, he doesn't need to conduct these little love tests anymore.

He may act like a tough guy, but he secretly wants to be babied.

Selma, 24, loves that her boyfriend is a real guys' guy.

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