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In yet another stunning revelation about digital espionage (though how stunned can we continue to be at this point), The Guardian reports that British surveillance organization GCHQ ran a program between 20 that collected images from Yahoo chat users’ webcams.The program managed to collect a high volume of webcam imagery, including sex chat content, from over 1.8 million global Yahoo users in a single six month period in 2008, the report claims.for example, i'll have my cam on in a chat room and my settings will require me to be approved to view my there a program that bypasses this approval requirement?i eagerly installed the webcam and envisioned all of the friends i would be able to see and talk to over my new broadband connection.since that day i still have not had one videoconference with anyone on the internet, and the webcam still sits patiently on top of my monitor.Yahoo and other tech companies have called for more transparency from government surveillance agencies about their espionage activities. has targeted the broadband market in the latest release of its instant messenger software. this is a great improvement over the previous version of yahoo messenger, which only offered videoconferencing at speeds of one frame per second.

“you can turn a digital camera into a webcam, or a video camera connected to your video card into a webcam also. the presentation must require video for document sharing, editing, & resolution. otherwise there is no purpose & you'll use it once. i have never seen so many ugly people wanting others to see them.this is part of the regulation put in place on the company by the fcc when it approved its merger with time warner.when i signed up for earthlink a couple of years ago it had a deal where i received a free webcam.Imagery was saved from webcam feeds only once every five minutes, in an effort to avoid violating human rights laws and to minimize server load, The GCHQ, however, isn’t technically able to make sure no UK or US resident images are collected and stores, and UK law doesn’t prevent specific imagery of individuals from partner nations including Australia, New Zealand and Canada being accessed by individual analysts at any time.Yahoo strongly denies any prior knowledge of the existence of the program, according to The Guardian, and in fact was characterized as being outraged with the fresh reports of violations of its customers’ privacy.

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