Senseless dating show

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The older a person gets, the harder it becomes to deal with regular communication, not to speak of love and matchmaking experience.Elderly people mostly have no ideas where to start, because the majority of them has never dealt with dating online before.They're pretending to be Big Blue House detectives, but they feel that they've solved all the mysteries in The Big Blue House, or perhaps even the world.Bear gives them a new challenge by using dishtowels to blindfold them so that they can play one of his favorite games --- "What is It?Vic is also on a deadline, his daughter Nicole (Natalie Morales) hoping he'll finally see her art at an exhibition on the same night all the action takes place.Nanjiani brings a handful of laughs, mainly during a knowing if not very subtle montage that traverses the ails of Uber drivers." Using senses other than sight, he first has them identify a flower and then peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.Later, they find an actual mystery to solve when Treelo reports that his "banananana" is missing.

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While the events that lead up to Vic needing an Uber driver in the first place are ludicrous -- he decides to drive his own car immediately after eye surgery and unsurprisingly crashes -- their unlikely partnership somewhat successfully provides an emotional backbone. Betty Gilpin), who's home drunk on the sofa, waiting for him to hurry up and join her.

With Bear's help, the senses of touch and smell are used to track down the stinky, squishy old banana.

When the cookies are finally finished, the kids decide to cover up all their senses except taste in an attempt to get Bear to give them some cookies.

Paramount has not announced any changes around the promotion or release of the film following Yelchin’s unexpected death.

Watch Quinto pay tribute to Yelchin in the video above.

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