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And it seems as though increasing numbers of us are at risk from the spectre of digital adultery.It comes as no surprise, then, to learn that a woman is divorcing her husband after catching him having an online affair.Amy Pollard, 28, discovered her husband’s character in the arms of another female player – having caught him previously, she claimed, having sex with an online call girl character.Pollard has made headlines for divorcing her husband, David, 40, on the grounds of “unreasonable behaviour”. Earlier this year, Kristen and Steve appeared on a prescient BBC documentary, Virtual Adultery and Cyberspace Love.Rather, it is a “synthetic world” with shops and cars, theatres and estate agents, where you communicate with others via instant messaging or voice.It may not be real, but a lot of people take it very seriously indeed: both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama opened campaign offices in this parallel universe.“In Second Life, I tend to just wear jeans and weapons,” explained Elliott, the pasty-faced Londoner with pretensions to black hunkdom. It’s an extension of how I would look if anything went in in real life.” It’s the sort of remark that would have most of us running for the hills, but instead Carolyn and Elliott spent up to 14 hours a day, chatting, flirting and having sex via their avatars.By way of explanation, Caroline told her daughters that her avatar was like Barbie and her boyfriend was just like Ken, albeit that in this X-rated version Ken happens to own an arsenal of AK47s.

He, it is fair to say, looks as unlike Keanu Reeves as it is possible to be. They are avatars, online characters who were created by Kristen and Steve in Second Life, an internet fantasy world, where you can reinvent yourself and embark on the kind of adventures you’ve always dreamed of – including a WAG-style white wedding with 20ft train, and even, as we have seen today, the phenomenon of cyber-adultery.“Kira was everything I should have been,” says Kristen, who has a 12-year-old son. My real life was diabolical and I wanted an escape.In Second Life I could be who I wanted to be, and when I met Nik I was in control for the first time in years.It gets even weirder once you realise that Kristen’s mother logged on to Second Life to see her “daughter” Kira wed Nik and that Steve’s mate was his best man, watching, all choked up, on the sidelines.The bizarre event was the culmination of five months of cyber-dating, during which time Kirsten and Steve’s avatars met in Second Life, struck up a virtual rapport, had virtual sex and moved in together, virtually.

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