Scuba singles dating

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Other accessories such as manifolds, cylinder bands, protective nets and boots and carrying handles may be provided.

Various configurations of harness may be used to carry the cylinder or cylinders while diving, depending on the application.

although that is more properly applied to an open circuit scuba set or open circuit diving regulator.

Diving cylinders may also be specified by their application, as in bailout cylinders, stage cylinders, deco cylinders, sidemount cylinders, pony cylinders, suit inflation cylinders, etc.

The selection of an appropriate set of diving cylinders for a diving operation is based on the amount of gas required to safely complete the dive.

Diving cylinders are most commonly filled with air, but because the main components of air can cause problems when breathed underwater at higher ambient pressure, divers may choose to breathe from cylinders filled with mixtures of gases other than air.

Paired cylinders may be manifolded together or independent. When pressurised, a cylinder carries an equivalent volume of free gas greater than its water capacity, because the gas is compressed up to several hundred times atmospheric pressure.The functional diving cylinder consists of a pressure vessel and a cylinder valve.There are usually one or more optional accessories depending on the specific application."Scuba tank" or "diving tank" is more often used colloquially by non-professionals and native speakers of American English.The term "oxygen tank" is commonly used by non-divers; however, this is a misnomer since these cylinders typically contain (compressed atmospheric) breathing air, or an oxygen-enriched air mix.

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