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For those who don’t know, Vishnal was voiced by Vic Mignogna in 2014 and he is a sexually abusive asshole who doesn’t deserve to work in the industry anymore.I really hope they change Vishnal’s voice because Vishnal is an adorable cinnamon roll and it’ll be really sad if he gets hate due to this matter. It hasn’t yet been announced when exactly will this game be released for Switch in the West (for Japan it’ll be on July 25th), but it will be during 2019 so I’m over the moon with these news!!I’ve got nothing against playing as a guy, it’s just that it gets tiring to see so many video games, particularly JRPGs, aimed at straight males.

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For those who don’t know, Rune Factory is a spin-off series of Harvest Moon (now known as Story of Seasons).There is already some controversy, though, since Fire Emblem always comes with a little romance element to it and some people don’t know how to feel about a teacher dating their students. I mean, this is fantasy and the avatar looks young enough.Plus Fire Emblem Fates already made a sort of incest sort of not incest addition 😆 Though, if you think about it, it was pretty obvious that none of the siblings were blood-related to Corrin; they can’t turn into a fucking dragon nor have pointy ears 😆 (I’m glad, to be honest, or I wouldn’t have been able to The character designer in this game is Chinatsu Kurahana, mainly known for Uta no Prince-sama; but she was also the character designer for 7’scarlet.If you’ve never played Rune Factory 4, I really recommend you to get the the remaster for the Switch, called Rune Factory 4 Special.The game’s already awesome as it is, but the remaster will have some new features: the characters’ sprites will now blink and move a little, a new opening, more content once you marry your sweetie (called Married Life Mode), more in-game cutscenes and a new difficulty level called ‘Hell’ (welp, I know I won’t be doing that one on the first playthrough). But, speaking of the english cast, something that will DEFINITELY need to happen is a recast for Vishnal’s VA.

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