Rodrigo santoro dating jennifer lopez

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Video by: Ignacio Torres Rodrigo Santoro is a star in his native Brazil and with film credits like “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and “Love Actually,” has quickly become a heart throb among U. “Heleno” stars Santoro as troubled athlete Heleno de Freitas, who reigned as Brazil’s soccer star in the 1940s.

“And once we started to do research, I was completely into it.” And as for whether the impressive soccer moves shown in the film came naturally to the 37-year-old, Santoro did admit that he had a coach help him on set.

That being said, Santoro says he’s been a life-long fan of the sport.

Santoro completes the Latino star-studded cast, including Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez.

“I got the script; I read it, but I actually didn’t know what character they were thinking for me,” says Santoro, who’s excited to watch the film for the first time tonight.

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