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I had to add "fake location" app to give a fake location. I found my experience with this app truly disappointing and not worth the time or money.

Sexklik heeft niet […]Review Pikante Pikante; Iedereen heeft er wel eens last van, je mist uitdaging, je raakt verveelt, de sleur slaat toe.

Wel moet je een geldig e-mailadres invullen en vervolgens een telefoonnummer waarop je een sms ontvangt.

Met deze sms willen ze je account beschermen tegen hackers, en kun je altijd weer toegang krijgen tot je account indien nodig.

I have never matched with anyone on Bumble and if I do it's always a fake spam or they have 24 hours to respond and never do. On 31/7/19 I checked my email and I had a notification that someone liked me from Bumble then on the 2/8/19 I tried to log into my account and I was blocked. Don't know where all the negative reviews are coming from. Not only did Bumble continue to change .99 per week after I had unsubscribed - I also received insulting comments, abusive messages & unsolicited photos.

I contacted customer service and to ask them why they have blocked my account and they told me that they have had several complaints about my profile and, "After an investigation and much consideration, we have made the decision to permanently block your account for being in violation of our guidelines."I told them, "What are you talking about? I live in Cleveland, Ohio and have been on the site less than a week. It may depend on the city you live in but I think it's what you say in your profile and if you're decent looking. Obviously Some Bumble users feel that harassment and abuse are the norm. I had one short phone conversation with a guy I met on Bumble. He start sending me insulting / degrading messages.

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