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I used to watch the news all the time - and when I did WOAI was my station of choice.

I love Beamer and the sports crew..I eventually tired of the small town news format and now just get my news online. If I was a local news junky I would be watching one of the other channels for that reason alone.

But as a result of this thread I decided to watch the news last night to see what was up with Randy Beamer. As others have said - he didn't need to lose weight. From someone who hasn't watched WOAI in about 18 months... I stopped watching it because they weren't HD and Jennifer Broom or whatever her name was got on my nerves with her crappy weather guessing. I cant believe anyone would really take the time to care about this.

I was shocked to see not just how thing he was - but how sick he looked in the face. Beamer was my favorite, though, and I'm going to have to check it out today to see what's up with him. If he's sick and dying (cancer, aids) then I would feel bad for the guy but other than that geez.

ABC affiliate WXYZ hired him to co-anchor the 5 p.m. He also will report on business and automotive stories for the station.It's with a heavy heart that he waves goodbye to San Antonio, however. ” still did well here his first week in the earlier slot.“I appreciate the support all the San Antonio viewers gave me during my family's transition,” he wrote me. Before last week, when “Nightline” still aired, KSAT ran Kimmel at p.m. According to KSAT spokesman David Cuccio, he even beat Leno and Letterman a couple of times in the overnights.Although Vaughn, his wife and young son Dillon will have to get used to colder temps again, at least the anchor is very familiar with the market.From 1999 to 2007, Vaughn worked for a competitor there: NBC affiliate WDIV.

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