Radiometric dating for idiots

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I'm not sure I agree with everything he says, but I do think that sometimes "moderate" theists and atheists are guilty of trying too hard to "just get along". Their goal is to avoid conflict, ignore differences, and just get along, and hope that by avoiding confrontation the great theistic mob will just generally drift into friendship with them and eventually align themselves more and more with that great bunch of guys and gals.

In case you missed this story when it aired on 20/20, this 16 year old girl was given quite a hard time at her school for not believing in God.

The science community kept surprising themselves as the apparent age of the Earth grew longer and longer.

As I worked through the Tesla and Space X posts, this concept kept surfacing, and it became clear to me that this series couldn’t end without a deep dive into exactly what it is that Musk and a few others do so unusually well.

I personally think he should do it, and give proper sources for the paper and everything. If the teacher should happen to mention religion he should probably not get into that discussion, but keep note of it.

Today, there are still many flood geologists making their case.

Getting access to Elon Musk gave me what I decided was an unusual chance to get my hands on one of those people and examine them up close.

dakana on the Something Awful Forums posted an interesting thread about his high school physics teacher doing a presentation in class trying to show that the earth is not 4.5 billion years old.

The teacher used the following "evidence"Now, I'm not sure if this teacher is just trolling his students or if he really believes this.

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