Psp froze while updating

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It will not allow me to turn it off, either with the remote or by pressing the button itself.

It was left overnight, and has progressed no further.

I timed it on my system: it took a bit more than ten minutes for the download, PSP operating system version 1.52.

When the download succeeds, you’ll now see: Pressing the X button restarts the PSP unit then automatically starts the PSP Update ver 1.52 and gives you a single option: Start.

Also, check your operating system -- it could be that you're running an old version that isn't compatible with some more recent programs or apps.

Depending on why your tablet is frozen, pressing the "Power" button -- sometimes called the "Sleep/Wake" button -- might turn it off.

How do I get the Network Update feature on my Sony PSP to work?

I’ve tried what Sony suggests but it never seems to like my wireless Wi-Fi connection, so I can’t ever get to the network to look for any sort of update!

Do so, then select it again and, if your connection works you’ll see “Checking Server…”, then, if there’s an update available, the PSP shows: Press the X button and you’ll see “Downloading…” and a warning not to turn the unit off or remove the Memory Stick while downloading, then the download starts.Then in exasperation I went to a public wifi access point at a local cafe and tried to connect using their wireless network, one that didn’t have any sort of password. The first problem I had to figure out, however, was when I tried to connect I was promptly informed that WLAN Switch Is Turned Off on the PSP screen.After some digging, I found out that the small silver slide switch on the lower left edge controls whether the PSP can access a wireless network (WLAN) or not: slide it up and you’ll be wireless ready.In others, however, there's a small hole on the device that has the sole purpose of hiding the hard reset button.This hole is usually on the back or along one of the sides, and it's large enough to stick the end of a paperclip in.

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