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Currently Boon Ex Group announced three software – Barracuda, Date X and PROWIDER.About AEwebworks Dating Software Development Ltd., Based in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, with head in Sydney, Australia AEwebworks is a professional software development team specializing solely on dating software.© 2004 you begin to write copy for any product or service, there are a few things you have to take into consideration.The first is always your target audience: who you’ll be writing to.“Boon Ex Group” and “AEwebworks Dating Software Development,” two software development companies, specializing in online dating industry, announced a new cool system, which unites functionality of Google Maps and database of US members of 4ppl Online Personals website this nice tool visitors may search for members and see their location on a detailed map.

Surprisingly high demand for such solution (AEwebworks currently installs three dating sites per day on average) made it possible for AEwebworks to create a dynamic R&D group and establish comprehensive customer support system.

“This is only one of the very first steps; give it a wait and we’ll let people opt-in and search for precise location of a potential soul mate, and then arrange a date using video-call,” says Andrey Sivtsov, CEO of AEwebworks.

“Boon Ex Group and AEwebworks Software Development now work on a complex interactive system, which should merge advantages of online and real-life dating.

The headline spoke to someone thinking of entering the online dating site industry.

The body copy did not support that headline; rather it spoke to someone who had already made the decision to launch or improve a dating site.

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