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The joy of bringing a baby into this world is certainly unparalleled.While the feeling may be a wonderful one, it is important to be prepared both physically and mentally for having a baby.Cats will not always conceive after one breeding and will generally mate multiple times in one cycle.The Cat Gestation Period Calculator above attempts to generalize the estimation of the due date without any additional factors using a 63 day gestation period for cats.Male cats will fight over the right to mate with a female cat. Some Feline Breeders will find this tool very helpful, so remember to bookmark it.

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Pregnancy can be a much desired and a wonderful experience for many women.

Since you have gone ahead determining the possible time of ovulation, with the help of the ovulation calculator, you can put that information together with some additional knowledge to help you conceive.

Your ovulation calendar will show you on which days you should be having sex and when you can begin to test yourself for pregnancy.

For each of the stages of pregnancy, find out what changes you can expect in your body, your emotions, and your life.

Find tips and information on trying to conceive, prenatal health, labor and delivery, baby names, and more.

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