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It will detect either successfully but you can convert one convention to the other whicle displaying by forcing ids (further down) Let's use One piece special "Heart of Gold": TVDB seasons Uses Scud Lee mapping to map the Ani DB series to TVDB entries BUT overrides the mapping for TVDB season 0 entries and puts them in Ani DB relational order by appending to existing seasons or adding new seasons at after the last TVDB season Uses Scud Lee mapping to map the Ani DB series to TVDB entries BUT overrides the mapping for TVDB seasons entries and puts them in Ani DB relational order by inserting new seasons and pushing later TVDB seasons back For absolute numbering episodes displayed virtually using tvdb season numbering for long running series like One piece (1-700 , will be split into seasons while keeping the absolute episode number intact without having to create seasons in the real folder For absolute numbering episodes displayed using series arc as season for long running series with arcs like Dragon Ball Kai, or separated anidb series considered as half seasons by thetvdb (like 'Seraph of the end' numbered 1-24 splitted into 2 seasons).Will take the arc definitions from tvdb4.and posters from tvdb4.unless the absolute numbered episodes were placed in season folders already The TVDB Absolute numbering order (specifically for Star Wars: The Clone Wars) will remove seasons present and use the 'absolute_number' field order to re-sort the episodes. == Example 1 == - "Bakuman [anidb2-7251]" = "Bakuman [tvdb-193811-s1]" = "Bakuman [tvdb-193811]" - "Bakuman 2011 [anidb2-8150]" = "Bakuman 2011 [tvdb-193811-s2]" - "Bakuman 2012 [anidb2-8836]" = "Bakuman 2012 [tvdb-193811-s3]" == Example 2 == - "Sailor Moon Crystal [tvdb2-275039]" - "Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 [anidb2-11665]" = "[tvdb-275039-s3]" | "[tvdb2-275039-s3]" (depending if you keep absolute numbered eps in seasons) == Example 3 == "Bleach [tvdb3-74796]" "Bleach movie 1 Memories in the Rain [tvdb3-74796-s0e3]" "Bleach movie 2 The Diamond Dust Rebellion [tvdb3-74796-s0e4]" == Example 4 == tvdb4 Custom selected Arcs as seasons (as tvdb use them as half seasons for black lagoon for example) The arc definition to split into seasons the absolute numbering is done using the following order: - Seasons folders manually created by the user with absolute numbered episodes inside (seasons already mapped manually) - in a local "tvdb4.mapping" file inside series folder with the following format lines, one per arc/season: "Black Lagoon [tvdb4-79604]" "Black Lagoon - The Second Barrage [tvdb4-79604-s2]" "Black Lagoon - Roberta`s Blood Trail [tvdb4-79604-s3]" "Seraph of the End - Vampire Reign [tvdb4-79604]" "Seraph of the End - Battle in Nagoya [tvdb4-79604-s2]" mkdir -p '/var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Scanners/Series' wget -O '/var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Scanners/Series/Absolute Series' QI/Absolute-Series-Scanner/master/Scanners/Series/Absolute Series chown -R plex:plex '/var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Scanners' chmod -R 775 '/var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Scanners' Absolute series Scanner saves its custom logs in this relative path Plex Media Server\Plug-in Support\Data\com.plexapp.agents.hama\Data Items_Logs...Also applies if you want assistance but didn't follow troubleshooting steps or include logs...A Plex metadata agent will: Hama is a anidb (single season) & tvdb (multiple seasons) agent so either naming convention is fine.

It’s an easy, elegant, and powerful system that’s consistent no matter where and how you Plex.It gives you the ultimate control over how you navigate your collection.We restore some basic usability qualities that suffered a bit under our “type-first” implementation.Anything else is metadata related and agent specific.If you post anything on the scanner github or thread for any issue like poster missing/wrong, episode thumbnail/screenshot/title/summary missing/wrong, then you clearly haven't read this and need to pay the RTFM tax by donating (or you just find this the best anime scanner and/or agent, much apreciated average is 5 euros).

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