Ovation dating guitar

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In 1966-1967, the Ovation Guitar Company produced a signature guitar for Josh White, which was the first signature guitar made for an African American.

The Ovation Roundback Balladeer first caught national attention in 1968 when Glen Campbell hosted a variety show he called The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour on CBS, and in the following year, 1969, he became one of Ovation's first endorsers.

To avoid the problem of a structurally unstable seam, the engineers proposed a synthetic back with a parabolic shape.

Ovation developed a thin neck, striving for the feel of an electric guitar's neck, but with additional strength from layers of mahogany and maple reinforced by a steel rod in an aluminum channel.

In the early 1960s, however, financial problems from the failure of their commercial flight division forced them to expand into new markets, such as entertainment and leisure.

Charles Kaman, still an avid guitar player, became interested in making guitars.

The innovation was the use of a thinner, synthetic back, because of its foreseen acoustic properties.

Unfortunately, the seam joining the sides to the thin back was prone to breakage.

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