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While the methods for searching for a spark have changed, what the two learned about dating remains relevant to both of them as singles today.

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Maureen: You know what you want when you’re a little older. I see people online who say they want companionship.

They would say, ‘I don’t know if I can date you;’ they had teens and tweens and wondered if I would understand their lives. I’m put off by a guy who talks about sex or intimacy in his profile. That’s a given down the road, but we are not there. If you don’t have one friend who can take a picture of you, then I’m concerned.

Dating over 50 has been much easier than it was in my 40s. Once I said something on my profile like, ‘I’m more attracted to golfers than motorcyclists.’ Then I would hear from guys who are into their Harleys. By responding, you are showing me you didn’t bother to read what I said I’m looking for.

Before online dating was popular, Maureen Callahan, a resident of the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, had a 13-year career connecting singles.

Starting in the early 90s, she worked for a video dating service; the business brought singles to an office to review short clips of prospective matches.

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