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Each time a deployment share is updated in MDT the drivers and settings contained within that share are added to a boot WIM and a boot ISO that is used to connect to the MDT server.

These are located in the folder of the deployment share.

I’ve been using a legacy 512MB USB key for my 64-bit MDT Windows PE, which has to be over ten years old by now. Use whatever method is best suited to place the ISO on the USB key as a bootable volume.

I like to use a piece of freeware, called “Rufus“, but again use whatever works for you.

Like the target images, MDT’s PE needs network and system drivers to run on the clients to/for connecting.

OEMs like Dell and Lenovo make Windows PE drivers available for their hardware, which makes it easy to organize those resources.

Another place I go for network drivers is Intel’s web-site and their PRO LAN drivers.

Pre-execution Environment (PXE) requires the use of a Windows Server configured with the Windows Deployment Services (WDS) role.

MDT USB keys are copies of Windows PE, designed to connect to MDT and pull an image from the server. The good thing is that MDT has a provision for creating it’s boot sources built-in.

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